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(11-25-11) Hey I just want to Email you guys and say thanks for making the DVD!
I bought one from you at the Kush Expo and followed the direction exactly and got some amazing stuff!
I attached a photo of my product.

(12-01-11) - I think u are king for releasing this btw mad props let me know what we can do i know i can help push this product.

(12-28-11) - Thanks for being available to answer questions.  Probably coolest video I've ever seen. peace

(1-02-12) - First round was amazing. Your video was worth it. Saving some bright stuff for when I nail it.

(1-09-12) - hey josh, i recieved the video and made some amazing stuff, and i love the flower of life, dogon sirius name,
and tree of life in ur video. u know the real shit. thats one of the reasons i even bought your video.

(1-15-12) - Hi Josh, Curious about your video. Recently made some "amber glass" from a you tube video......
End product needs to be at freezer temp to handle. Very quickly becomes sticky at room temps.
I've seen products at clubs that seem crystallized and easy to handle at room temps.
Will this video teach me how to make a product like that, without expensive equipment?
(Answer: YES)

(1-27-12) - Thanks so much ! We were just going over the detail, details :) believe we figured it out.
We are getting beautiful stable stuff...

(3-11-12) - Thanks Josh, this is some top notch product. Its my new favorite. Could you tell me how to keep
it in the bowl a little bit longer though. I'm smoking bud in my pipe and then I put a small bit of shatter
on top of the ashes, I try not to keep a flame over it for to long. I find that the melt still drips to the
bottom of the glass and is more or less wasted. Just wondering if you can pass along any helpful advice on smoking shatter.
Thanks brother. You have changed the way that I look at trim forever.

(3-11-12) - When I first read your ad I was a little worried that it was a scam. Then I figured nothing ventured nothing gained.
And I thought that if I could make my own id be set. And now I am. And now its my secret too.
And I just wanted to say thank you Brother. But I can't say that ill tell all my friends,
because I don't want them to know about it. Huhha. Later Bro

(3-31-12) - Hello, We met at the L.A. can. cup and I bought the DVD from you, with my boyfriend.
Thank you for all your help we were very pleased with the dvd and wont go back to making concentrates our old way now ;)
Iam very proud to say I've met you and you should be very proud of yourself. GREAT JOB!!! Thankyou,

(5-10-12) This was the new batch I did today.

Followup - (5-16-12) - Hey josh so I got my second batch of amber tested and it tested at 71.1 percent.
Not bad for my second run haha

(5-22-12) - Did you recieve my payment i have made special paypal account for this order thanks for your Medicinal benefits.
I will email you again if it works for my terrible back pain I was a victim in a car accident and know have alot of constant
spinal nerve pain So if it helps i will mail again to thank you from the bottom if my hart Greetings from holland.

Followup - (6-15-12) - Hello again guys i just wanted to say thanks alot for releasing this footage it helped me out very much
it has made my damaged spinalnerve pain almost go away i can now get trough the day a whole lot easier
so THANKS everyone at medicinal alchemy you guys ROCK Greetings from nederland. Keep up the good work you guys

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